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ASA Launches New Online Reaccreditation Portal

Jan 27, 2017

Online reaccreditation is now available for all designated ASA members. Simply login to ASA’s website and click on the My Reaccreditation link (located on the left-side, vertical navigation menu). A brief video demonstrating this new process may be viewed here.

Overall, this enhanced process is faster and more efficient--saving YOU time and effort.

In addition to the new online reaccreditation process, several new and/or updated reaccreditation policies have been implemented. One important change is the required 100 hours has now been divided into two categories: Continuing Education (CE) and Professional Activities (PA). Members must now have at least forty (40) hours of the required credits in continuing education-specific activities, while the balance may be met through CE or a wide-range of other related professional activities. Please view ASA’s updated Guide to Professional Reaccreditation for further details.

For more information or to speak with ASA’s reaccreditation specialists, please call (800) 272-8258 or e-mail