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ASA 2017-2018 Election Results

May 31, 2017

We are pleased to announce the results of ASA's 2017-18 elections for the new International Officers, Board of Governors and Discipline Committee Officers and Members At-Large. Those elected will officially take office on July 1, 2017.
This prestigious group of professionals has consistently demonstrated their support and dedication to the mission of ASA and our members. We commend these individuals and appreciate their service. We wish them all the best in their new positions.
International Officers
International President—Sharon A. Desfor, ASA
International Vice President— Robert B. Morrison, ASA
International Secretary-Treasurer— Douglas R. Krieser, ASA
Board of Governors
Region 2 Governor—G. Adrian Gonzalez Jr., ASA
Region 4 Governor—Rob Metcalf Jr., ASA
Region 5 Governor—Garrett Schwartz, ASA
Appraisal Review & Management Discipline Committee

Member At-Large
Travis L. Avant, ASA, ARM-RP
Joel D. Gonia, ASA, ARM-MTS

Business Valuation Discipline Committee

Jeffrey S. Tarbell, ASA

Vice Chair
Kenneth J. Pia Jr., ASA

Erin Hollis, ASA

Ronald L. Seigneur, ASA

Members At-Large
Arlene L. Ashcraft, ASA
Jaclyn Burket, ASA
Adam M. Smith, ASA
Mark L. Zyla, ASA

Gems & Jewelry Discipline Committee

Christina (Nina) M. Woolford, ASA, MGA

Vice Chair
Beth Doughty, ASA, MGA

Duane W. Hutchison, ASA, MGA

Members At-Large 
Warren H. Morss, ASA
Kennon E. Young, ASA, MGA

Machinery & Technical Specialties Discipline Committee

Samuel Shapiro, ASA

Vice Chair
Karen Milan, ASA

Paul R. Cogley Jr., ASA
William M. Engel, ASA
Personal Property Discipline Committee

Lela Hersh, ASA

Vice Chair
Analee McClellan, ASA

Tom Simatos, ASA

Jennifer N. Carman, ASA

Members At-Large
Paul Drooks, ASA
John V. Henley, ASA

Real Property Discipline Committee

Paul D. Roberts, ASA

Vice Chair
Michael H. Evans, FASA

Raymond H. Krasinski, ASA

Members At-Large
Lawrence Foley, ASA
Brian S. Kirksey, ASA
David R. Lewis, ASA
Mike Pratt, ASA