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ASA Ranks Top in Business Valuation Credentials

Apr 04, 2013

The American Society of Appraisers is pleased to announce the ASA credential has received the highest ranking of business valuation credentials based on a recent study conducted by Business Valuation Resources.

Reported in the 2013 Business Valuation Firm Economics & Best Practices Survey, the ASA credential was identified as the most common BV credential among participating firms. This year’s results also demonstrated the ASA credential gaining ground over previous years as outlined in a report summary published on March 27 in BVWire available at

“ASA’s are among the highest trained and most experienced practitioners in the profession,” says Linda B. Trugman, ASA, vice president of Plantation, FL based Trugman Valuation Associates, Inc. and Chair of ASA’s Business Valuation Discipline Committee. “This study reflects the growing demand by law, accounting and other corporate advising firms for the most qualified and experienced business valuation professionals.”

The American Society of Appraisers requires the most stringent educational requirements in the business valuation profession: 108 hours, including four three-hour exams AND 10,000 hours of actual business valuation experience before qualifying for the ASA designation. In addition, ASA is the only business valuation credential required to comply with theUniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (the standards promulgated by the congressionally-authorized Appraisal Foundation).

The Society began offering the ASA business valuation credential in 1981. Since that time nearly 800 education classes have been held with nearly 30,000 students registered, resulting in nearly 1,500 actively credentialed ASA business valuation members throughout the United States. Today the program is thriving with nearly 2,200 students currently pursuing credentialing, including an advanced specialty designation in intangible assets. It has grown to become recognized as the premier business valuation credential, with continued demand for onsite training by many of the top accounting firms as well as the Internal Revenue Service.

Experienced practitioners who are members of compeer organizations may be eligible to earn the ASA designation through the Society’s Professional Education Equivalency Certification Program (PEECP). For those new to the profession, registration for ASA’s Introduction to Business Valuation to be held May 16-19 in Chicago is currently underway.

To locate an ASA credentialed business valuation appraiser or for more information about the Society’s business valuation credential program, education classes, webinars and annual Advanced Business Valuation Conference visit or call (800) 272-8258.


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