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BV to Help Members Promote Their Professional Services

Jul 09, 2013

The American Society of Appraisers business valuation discipline has responded to member demand for branding and marketing resources and announces the release of a new BV Marketing Toolkit.

Provided as an additional benefit of your valuable ASA membership, this toolkit will help members market their business.

Included in toolkit are:

  • Talking Points for explaining your top-level knowledge, experience and skills as an ASA member;
  • An abbreviated "elevator speech" to quickly explain what exactly sets you apart of the rest;
  • An ASA brochure that can be personalized and distributed to appropriate audiences to show that you worked to be credentialed by the best;
  • A letter that can be reprinted and inserted in appropriate "packets" and such, that explains, with third-party endorsement, just why your ASA credential is the best, and;
  • An e-postcard or print-ready postcard that you can personalize and send from your office to generate potential client work.

ASA’s BV leadership is committed to the business health, visibility and growth of your contributions to our profession and hope you will take advantage of these marketing tools.

To access or for more information, visit here.


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