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Tips to Consider When Preparing Your Report for Submission to the ASA Board of Examiners

Jul 29, 2014

Appraisal reports represent an important component of the accreditation process. Reports that are prepared by a Candidate for a client demonstrate the quality and professionalism offered by the Candidate to the public. Such reports assist the ASA International Board of Examiners (BOE) in evaluating the scope of practice, ethical attitude, level of education and appraisal competency achieved by the Candidate.

Trey Stevens, ASA, represents the Business Valuation discipline on the BOE. In December of 2013, Trey presented a webinar in which he discussed common flaws found by the BOE reviewers in candidates’ submitted reports. The webinar received very favorable feedback.

ASA welcomes newly-credentialed members to the Society and wants to do everything possible to help candidates satisfy all of the advancement requirements. Therefore, ASA now offers Trey’s recorded webinar for FREE as a benefit to ASA candidates and members. Register here.

Additionally, Candidates can download the ASA BV Report Checklist and the ASA BV Guide to Professional Accreditation from ASA's website.