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ASA Region Governors Speak on ASA/NAIFA Merger

Sep 03, 2017
To our fellow ASA members,

We are now one week into the voting process for the proposed merger with NAIFA, and already the response has been tremendous. But we know many of you either haven’t had time yet to consider the merger, or may want to know more about how this merger will benefit ASA. From our unique perspective, one positive aspect to consider is how the addition of NAIFA members to our ranks will benefit all of us at the chapter level.

NAIFA has a strong history of supporting its local chapters. Most of NAIFA’s educational offerings come from their chapters, put on by engaged members who understand the needs of their local community and work to meet those needs on a regular basis. With nearly 40 chapters across 21 states, NAIFA has an established presence in the local marketplace. All of these benefits will carry over to ASA and its chapter structure.

We know how many of you value the relationships and opportunities that you’ve developed through chapter meetings and events, and the merger will not only maintain but bolster those relationships among a host of new peers. The time, talent and energy that so many NAIFA members have demonstrated over the years will strengthen all of ASA, from the chapter level up through our national infrastructure. We hope that this benefit, among the myriad others, will have you voting “Yes” on the merger.

As always, we welcome your questions and feedback by e-mail at Join the conversation on social media by using #ASANAIFAMerger. Most of all, we encourage you to submit your proxy or make your plans to join us at Conference and vote “Yes” with all of us!


Gary Snowdon, ASA, Region 1 Governor
G. Adrian Gonzalez Jr., ASA, Region 2 Governor
Mark J. Sandler, ASA, MGA, Region 3 Governor
Rob Metcalf, Jr., ASA, Region 4 Governor
Garrett Schwartz, ASA, Region 5 Governor