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ASA Real Property Governors Discuss Critical Importance of the ASA/NAIFA Merger

Sep 18, 2017
To our ASA colleagues,

We know you’ve been seeing a lot of messages regarding the proposed merger between ASA and NAIFA, and we appreciate you taking the time to consider the proposal and filing your proxy ballots. We wanted to take a few paragraphs today to discuss something of critical importance not only to ASA and NAIFA members, but all Real Property appraisers: Education.

Being the only federally-regulated appraisal profession, our education needs not only apply when reaccrediting our professional designations, but are essential to maintaining the state licenses and certifications that allow Real Property appraisers to practice. While there are many providers of Real Property continuing education, the quality and availability of this education can vary widely, and often times can become repetitive. We believe, though, that our partners in NAIFA are among the best when it comes to developing and delivering this critical education material.

While ASA has made steps to develop cutting edge courses, such as our RP 401 Going Concern class, and has worked to produce and present the current iteration of the Yellow Book federal land acquisition class, the potential addition of NAIFA’s members, materials, and expertise would greatly augment our ability to meet the educational needs of Real Property appraisers nationwide. NAIFA has a vast library of existing courses, as well as a depth of experience in developing and presenting classes that address current issues affecting the Real Property appraiser.

Additionally, NAIFA has experience delivering classes at both the local chapter level, as well as at national conferences. By understanding both local and national needs, NAIFA has shown the ability to bring timely education to the audiences who need it, and ensuring that the education is of the highest quality. This strength would only bolster ASA’s ability to help in the professional growth of Real Property appraisers nationwide.

We are both voting “Yes” on the proposed merger, and we hope to have your vote as well. Votes are due no later than October 5, 2017. If you have questions, please submit them via e-mail to And if you’re planning to attend, we hope to see you in Houston for conference!


Ernest A. Demba, FASA, ARM-RP – Real Property Governor
Michael T. Orman, ASA – Real Property Governor