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Sold-Out ASA Event Underscores Importance of Fair Value

May 16, 2018
As reported in BVWire, the growing importance of fair value for financial reporting and the ongoing efforts to improve the quality in this area of practice triggered a sell-out for the ASA/USC 13th Annual Fair Value Conference held May 10 in Los Angeles, under the direction of event organizers, Ray Rath, ASA, and USC Leventhal School of Accounting Professor, Tom Ryan.

Included in the article were a list of key takeaways, a link to a working draft of the AICPA accounting and valuation guide to private equity/venture capital and information about a detailed event recap scheduled for the July issue of Business Valuation Update, as well as the availability of an archive of the webcast of the Conference.

Business Valuation Resources helped support the Conference as a sponsor and also provided live webcast services.

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