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ABV-Holder Special Membership Offer

Sep 10, 2018
ASA has extended a special membership offer to ABV credential holders.

Your ABV, plus 100 hours of BV education in the last 5 years, gives you full credit for the required ASA Principals of Valuation courses.

All you have to do to receive the ASA designation is complete the following four steps:
  • Pass the one-hour USPAP exam (Self-study or 15-Hr. class)
  • Pass the one-hour Ethics Exam (Self-study)
  • Demonstrate your Experience (2-yrs. for AM; 5-yrs. for ASA)
  • Submit a report and supporting forms and documents to the ASA Board of Examiners*
Now is the time for significant first-year ASA membership savings ($722.50):
  • Application Fee = $150 (waived)
  • Membership Dues = $545 (reduced 50% to $272.50)
  • Advancement Fee = $300 (waived)
Click here to start or call (800) ASA-VALU

Promotion ends November 30, 2018

*Visit for a comprehensive list of documents required

Act now to take advantage of this outstanding savings!