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Gems & Jewelry-Focused Sessions at ASA’s 2019 International Appraisers Conference

Apr 26, 2019

Here’s a sample of Gems and Jewelry-focused sessions that will be held at ASA’s Joint 2019 Advanced Business Valuation & International Appraisers Conference on August 25-27 in New York, NY.

GIA Presents: Methods of Manufacturing Jewelry and Their Forensic Traces
Elizabeth Brehmer

Collections of Faberge
Dr. Geza von Habsburg

Tracking of PINK Diamonds from Four Continents and Seven Countries
Branko Deljanin

Diamond Portrait Jewels: A Case Study
David Wolf
Benjamin Zucker

Introduction to ColorCodex: A Revolutionary Color Referencing System
Christopher Smith

Plus, this year will feature a whole new track devoted to multi-disciplinary sessions.

Click here to see the entire conference session schedule.

To register for the Joint ASA 2019 Advanced Business Valuation & International Appraisers Conference, click here.