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ASA Releases Guide to Policy Notices

May 11, 2019
ASA is committed to employing the highest standards, best-practices and professionalism. As an organization we strive to be at the forefront of protecting and safeguarding our collective community. Below is a guide to our various policy notices demonstrating this commitment.
  •  ASA’s Privacy Statement sets out the privacy principles the Society follows with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of information that visitors may provide through ASA’s website.
  •  ASA’s Terms of Use Agreement states the various terms for use of ASA’s website and outlines ownership rights, permitted and prohibited uses of content, website security, user submissions, waiver of liability, indemnity and governing law.

  •  ASA’s Social Media Policy provides guidelines to visitors of the Society’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr sites, as well as ASA’s forums.

  •  ASA’s Logo Use and Branding Guide outlines the policies pertaining the ASA name and logo usage, as well as guidelines on proper branding, advertising and acceptable colors and fonts.

  •  ASA’s National Course Policies and Procedures includes important information about ASA’s educational offerings.

  •  ASA Standards and Ethics provide a code of conduct to which all members must subscribe.

  •  ASA’s Conduct and Harassment Policy outlines acceptable behavior, prevention, and reporting guidelines to ensure a safe environment.

For questions, or more information about ASA’s Policy Notices, please contact or (800) 272-8258.