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Learn from the BEST in MTS Education at ASA's IAC

Jul 26, 2017

The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) announces the upcoming sessions and speakers for the 2017 International Appraisers Conference being held on October 7-10, 2017 at the Hilton Americas in Houston, TX.

Here’s a sampling of informative and relevant sessions taught by world-renowned Machinery & Technical Specialties experts:

Oil/Gas: Refining Trends and Outlook
Karl Bartholomew, ASA
Tax Lead, U.S. Property Tax | Shell Oil Company
Estimating the Fair Market Value of a Solar PV Project
Steve Dean, ASA
President | DAI Management Consultants
Roundtables: Plastics Industry Market Trends and Recent Developments & State of the Semi-Conductor Industry
Kenneth M. Heyse, ASA, Managing Director | Plastics One Asset Advisors, LLC
Alexander Steele, ASA, President | AR International, LLC
Roundtables: Truck & Trailer/Construction Equipment
Michael E. Winterfeld, ASA, MBA, Director, Appraisal Services | Taylor & Martin, Inc.
Wade W. Whitenburg, Strategic Accounts Manager | Ritchie Bros.
You’re the Expert: Write Your Own Blue Book
Sharon Desfor, ASA, President | HeliValue$, Inc.
Dave W. Mendendhall, President | Bus Solutions Holdings, LLC
Mike Clark, President | L&M Publications
Are you a TRENDsetter?
David Cole, ASA
President | Cole Appraisal Services, Inc.
Mass Appraisal of Business Personal Property
Susanne Alaman, RPA, CCA, CTA, Manager, Personal Property Appraisal | Harris County Appraisal District
Hal Long, RPA, CCA, Associate Chief Appraiser, Business & Industrial Personal |  Harris County Appraisal District
Is There a Place for Iowa Curve Analysis?
Richard K. Ellsworth, ASA, PE, CFA, CCP
Managing Director | Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP
MTS and BV - How Two Disciplines Work Together
Raymond Rath, ASA, CFA
Managing Director | Globalview Advisors LLC
How to Market and Grow Your Visibility as an Appraisal Professional
Analee McClellan, ASA
Owner/Manager | Acanthus Appraisals & Consultation Services LLC
Elements of an Appraisal Report
Sandra Tropper, ASA, PPS
Appraiser | Artemis, Inc.

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