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7 Quick Tips to Become a PP Appraiser

1. Join ASA

Becoming a Candidate for Advancement is the first step in the accreditation process. (Join ASA)

2. Take the Classes and Connnect with Mentors

  • Series of 4 Principles of Valuation (POV) classes (View Class Schedule)
  • Then, a two-day (15-hour) class on Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). We recommend ASA’s USPAP course designed specifically for Personal Property.
  • Mentors: ASA members are happy to advise you about accreditation. Find a mentor at an ASA conference, Chapter meeting or email any member of the International Personal Property Committee. If you go to an ASA conference, you’ll meet other members and Candidates.

3. Study the Current ASA Guide to Professional Accreditation

Please note that requirements do change. When you are ready for accreditation, be sure that you have reviewed the current information.  Here are the links:

4. Start to Document Your Experience

Professional log is a key element of the process. Begin now to keep track of the time you spend on appraisal work. For Candidates, who have taken all four POV classes, the requirement is one year of full time appraisal work. Can be achieved through multi-year part-time work. Read details here. Accredited ASA appraisers must have documented experience.

5. Begin to Prepare for Your Specialty Exam.

Request a bibliography to begin studying for the exam. Contact Jennifer Schleining or call (703) 733-2117.

6. Take the Specialty Exam

Type of specialty exam depends upon your field. For info, contact Jennifer Schleining or call (703) 733-2117.

7. Submit Your Log and Two Appraisal Reports to the Board of Examiners

After passing the specialty exam, you can submit your experience log and two “blind” appraisal reports of the type and in the format specified in the current Guide to Professional Accreditation.