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Stats Released for ASA’s Spotlight On Television Segment

by User Not Found | Feb 04, 2014

Viewer statistics were recently released for ASA’s television segment highlighting the appraisal profession that was broadcast nationwide on PBS television stations last year from July through December.

Titled “What’s It Worth?”, the 5-minute video interviewed ASA Personal Property appraisers of fine arts, decorative arts and vintage automobiles. The professionally-produced piece introduced ASA designated appraisers as they helped explain why and when to get an appraisal, potential risks and how to work with professional appraisers.

The segment appeared in the national public television series “Spotlight On” a public awareness program that has aired on PBS affiliates nationwide for over 23 years. The segments were shown before and after popular programs like Antiques Roadshow.

According to a report prepared by Tower Productions, Inc. the segment aired on 140 confirmed stations, 876 times, in 48% of all U.S. television households and reached a gross audience of 4.2 million viewers. The top viewing markets included: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Nearly 18,000 individual searches for Personal Property appraisers were made using ASA’s online Find an Appraiser tool during the period the segment aired.

To view an extended version of the segment visit: