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Healthcare Market Changes Drive Demand for Qualified Valuation Professionals

by User Not Found | Mar 10, 2014

As the healthcare industry has evolved over the past several decades, rapidly changing regulations, reimbursement issues, competitive forces and technological advancements have created a growing demand for qualified valuation professionals with the appropriate healthcare industry expertise to assist and advise healthcare enterprises in navigating complicated industry obstacles.

The requisite knowledge of market benchmark data and the valuation methodologies to appraise healthcare enterprises, assets, and services, while maintaining regulatory compliance, suggests an increasing need for healthcare valuation consulting services provided by professionals in multiple valuation disciplines, e.g. real property, tangible personal property (FF&E), intangible property, business valuation, and personal property.

Recognizing these changes and opportunities, ASA’s Healthcare Special Interest Group (HSIG) has developed and successfully launched a new Multidisciplinary Advanced Education in Healthcare Valuation Program.

Designed to meet the need for a comprehensive, multidisciplinary framework for analyzing healthcare enterprises, assets, and services, the new program consists of four (4) webinar course sessions, and one (1) in-person course session that takes place over 2 days, featuring healthcare industry experts, with five (5) modules.

By participating in the program, qualified healthcare valuation professionals will be able to develop and demonstrate a level of knowledge that will best allow them to serve clients and the public in an informed manner that distinguishes their work with an in-depth understanding of the key regulatory, reimbursement, competitive and technological factors of the healthcare industry. Clients and users of healthcare valuation services will be better served in identifying and relying on informed, experienced valuation professionals who have achieved ASA’s Multidisciplinary Advanced Education in Healthcare Valuation certificate of completion.

The program is sponsored in part by: Willamette Management AssociatesNPV Advisors and Health Capital Consultants, all of whom are platinum sponsors. Limited sponsorship openings are available, please visit online or call (800) 272-8258.

For a comprehensive overview of ASA’s Multidisciplinary Advanced Education in Healthcare Valuation Program, including program syllabus, course descriptions, schedule and pricing visit or call (800) 272-8258.