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Reaccreditation Status Form Available for Download Until December 31, 2017

by Jennifer Aguilar | Dec 20, 2017

This notice is being sent to remind all designated members that the online reaccreditation status form feature will only be available to view and download until December 31, 2017. To access this option, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Go to ASA’s website:
  2. Enter your username and password. If you do not remember your login information, click “Forgot Your Username or Password?” located below the “Login” button, or contact Member Services at 1-800-272-8258 or (703) 478-2228 or for assistance.
  3. Locate the “My Reaccreditation” section listed on the left navigation menu and click on the link to access your reaccreditation information. You will find the Reaccreditation Status Form link listed on that webpage*.
*The new online process no longer requires members to submit their supporting documentation to ASA’s Headquarters for entry. Therefore, the reaccreditation status forms are no longer necessary. Consequently, it was replaced with the new Credit Hour Summary report which allows the member to enter a select date range to view all the credits related to continuing education (CE) and professional activities (PA) that have been completed directly through ASA’s International Headquarters (excluding meetings, conferences, and/or chapter sponsored events). For example, credit for ASA-sponsored "live" webinars, courses, & board/committee positions will display on the Credit Hours Summary report.

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