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Register for the 2018 ASA Personal Property Conference Today

by Jennifer Aguilar | Apr 05, 2018

With a focus on archives, arts and automotive design, the 2018 Personal Property Conference offers engaging and diverse sessions for appraisal professionals. Paired with ample networking opportunities and tours of two of America’s premier museums, this is one event you simply don’t want to miss.

Meet the Presenters
Dr. Rob Bowman
Jane CH Jacob, ASA
Nathan Bomey
Barbara Heller
Edith Yeomans, FASA
Jonathan Sierakowski
Donald Osborne, ASA
Robin Bonner
Nancy Escher, ASA
John Payne, ASA
Darcy Tell  
Lee Biondi, ASA
Adam Muhlig, ASA
Brock Silversides
John Henley, ASA
Sandra J. Tropper, ASA

Be sure to book your hotel accommodations at the historic Dearborn Inn before April 10 to take advantage of group rates. Built on the grounds of the original Ford Motor Company, the Dearborn Inn provides a unique venue and accommodations for conference attendees.

From the historic City of Detroit Bankruptcy and the Appraisal of Archives to the Evolution of Automotive Design, IRS updates and more, gain knowledge and insight from the nation’s top appraisal experts.

For more information or to register, Click Here.