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TAF Seeks Candidates for AQB and ASB

by Todd Paradis | Aug 08, 2018
Call for Applicants

The Appraisal Foundation Seeks Candidates for the
Appraiser Qualifications Board and the Appraisal Standards Board

Application Deadline is August 17, 2018

Background and Qualifications:
The Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) is responsible for setting minimum education, experience, and examination qualification criteria for real estate appraisers. Also, the AQB sets the minimum requirements for real estate appraisers to maintain their state credential. The qualification criteria are the minimum criteria that real property appraisers must meet to become state licensed or certified. The AQB also sets the minimum requirements for personal property appraisers, and adherence to the personal property criteria is mandatory for Foundation Sponsors who confer personal property designations. Familiarity with appraiser qualifications is a prerequisite of service on the AQB, and a minimum of ten years of appraisal experience is required.

The Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) is charged with developing, interpreting and amending the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Familiarity with USPAP is a prerequisite of service on the ASB, and a minimum of ten years of appraisal experience is required.

The AQB and ASB have up to three face-to-face meetings per year. In-person meetings typically consist 1½-days of work sessions and a ½-day public meeting. In months when the Boards do not meet in-person, they conduct web or teleconference meetings. Individuals serving on the Boards are compensated for their time and reimbursed for travel expenses. . Those individuals selected for a position on the AQB or ASB will serve initial terms of one to three years commencing January 1, 2019.

How to Apply:
Click here to complete an online application.

Questions or More Information?
If you would like to request an application via email or if you have questions, please feel free to contact Arika Cole. When requesting information on the applications via e-mail, please use the phrase "2018 AQB/ASB APPLICATION REQUEST" in the subject line, and please include your full name, email address and phone number.