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Latest Issue of The ARM Journal—Within ARM’s Reach Released

by Todd Paradis | Mar 07, 2019
The American Society of Appraisers announces the release of the latest issue of The ARM Journal—Within ARM’s Reach, Issue 3

Featured articles include:
•    Q3 FY 18-19 View from the ARMChair
•    ARM CALL Letter from the Editor
•    Newly Accredited ARM Members!
•    ARM Journal Submit Requirements
•    Appraisal Review, USPAP and Clarity by Jack Young
•    Family Law Services, Jeffrey Brend Chapter: Preparing for Trial
•    ARM Educational Announcements (Need ARM?)
•    Testimonials for 201 and 204
•    FEWA Conference Announcement
•    Meet the ARM Committee Members
•    Meet the Publications Subcommittee Members

The ARM Journal is a publication of the Appraisal Review & Management Discipline Committee of ASA. The ARM Journal is written both for the appraiser who values equipment on a regular basis, and for those who may have a professional interest in the subject. The latest issue of the ARM Journal can be viewed here.