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ASA Elections Begin May 15 - Learn About the Candidates

by Todd Paradis | May 14, 2019
Review Campaign Information of Candidates for Office in ASA's 2019 Elections

ASA Elections Begin May 15

On May 15, 2019, eBallot will send out election ballots via email for the International Officers, Board of Governors and Discipline Committee Officers and Members-at-Large elections.

Please be sure to add the email addresses or to your safe sender list before the elections begin.

The ballot you receive will include the names of all candidates running for office for which you are eligible to vote.

Please note that ballots will be specific to each voting member’s discipline. If you are designated in more than one discipline, you will be eligible to vote for discipline governor and the discipline committee officers and members in all of the disciplines in which you are designated.

Thank you for taking the time to read the candidates biographies and campaign messages.

For questions contact Susan Fischer at (703) 733-2136 or at