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Real Property-Focused Sessions at ASA’s 2019 International Appraisers Conference

Apr 26, 2019

Here’s a sample of Real Property-focused sessions that will be held at ASA’s Joint 2019 Advanced Business Valuation & International Appraisers Conference on August 25-27 in New York, NY.

What the IRS Is Looking for in Your Appraisal
Michael Gregory, ASA 

Reducing the Gap Between IVS and USPAP Practices
Jack Beckwith, ASA

Valuing Theme Parks from an Assessors Standpoint
Terry Taylor 

Using Mobile Technology to Improve
Appraiser Efficiency & Practical Issues
Dealing with Bifurcated Appraisals

David Doering, ASA
Shane Weber, ASA

How to Have More Influence and Impact in the Courtroom
Deborah Johnson

Plus, this year will feature a whole new track devoted to multi-disciplinary sessions.

Click here to see the entire conference session schedule.

To register for the Joint ASA 2019 Advanced Business Valuation & International Appraisers Conference, click here.