Real Property Conference CE

The International Appraisers Conference has been approved for 18 hours of continuing education under the Course Approval Program (CAP) of the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) of The Appraisal Foundation.

The list below details individual states for which ASA is applying for CE credit on behalf of conference attendees. If you are licensed in a state where ASA has not applied, you may submit paperwork directly to your state for credit. ASA will be happy to assist you with any documentation that you need.

State Status
Alabama Submitted
California Approved - 18 hours           
Florida Submitted
Georgia Approved - 18 hours           
Illinois Approved - 18 hours           
Massachusetts Approved - 18 hours
Michigan Approved - 18 hours
Missouri Approved - 18 hours
New Jersey Approved - 18 hours           
New York Submitted
North Carolina Approved - 16 hours           
Oklahoma Approved - 18 hours
Pennsylvania Approved - 18 hours
South Carolina Submitted - 18 hours
Tennessee Approved - 18 hours           
Texas Submitted
Vermont Approved - 18 hours           
Virginia Approved - 18 hours