Conference Attendees

In the short time since the launch of ASA's Annual Equipment Valuation Conference nearly 100 companies have attended the Conference. Below is a listing of the companies who have attended.

Accurate Appraisals & Marine Surveys, Ltd.
AccuVal Associates
ACI Associates, Inc.
American Appraisal
Arbor Advisory Group, Inc.
Arthur Lloyd, LLC
Asset Management Resources, Inc.
ATEL Capital Group
Axiom Aviation, Inc.
Bank of America Leasing & Capital
Barnes Wendling
Barnes Wendling Appraisal Services
BB&T Equipment Finance Corporation
BMO Harris Equipment Finance, Co.
CD Valuation Services, Inc.
Chase Equipment Finance
Clifford Appraisals
Cuyler FoodPro Appraisal
DLL Financial Services
Dover Management Group, Inc.
Dufour, Laskay & Strouse, Inc.
Dungan & Company
EAC Valuations
Empire Machinery
Equify Financial, LLC
Equipment Appraisal Group, Inc.
Equipment Appraisal Services
Equipment Valuation Management, Inc.
Fortress Machinery Appraisals and Consulting, Inc.
Frischman Appraisal & Consulting, LLC
Frost Bank
G&M Appraisals, Inc. and ERE, Inc.
GE Capital Americas
Global Construction Equipment
Gordon Brothers
Great American Group
HCA Asset Management
HeliValue$, Inc.
Industrial Appraisal Co.
Irontrax, LLC
James B. (Jim) Matthews, ASA, PRI
JF Group, Inc.
Kloster Commercial Resources
L&M Publications, Inc.
Machinery & Appraisals LLC
Maxxim Rebuild Co., LLC
MB Equipment Finance
McKenzie Appraisal Service
Miceli Appraisers & Liquidators, Inc.
Miedema Appraisals, Inc.
Mutual Boiler Re
Nationwide Consulting Co.
Payton Appraisals and Consulting LLC
Plastics One Asset Advisors
PNC Appraisal Group
PNC Bank
PNC Equipment Finance
PNC Financial Services Group
Professional Appraisal Services, Inc.
R/W Specialists, Inc.
Race Appraisal Services, LLC
RPM Asset Valuation Services
SAI Valuations, LLC
Salvadore Auctions & Appraisals Inc
Sencer Appraisal Associates, Inc.
Sencer Appraisal Associates, Inc.
Sherwood Consulting & Appraising, Inc.
Statesman Business Advisors LLC
Stonebriar Commercial Finance
Stout Risius Ross, Inc.
Strategic Asset Management
Swartz + Associates, Inc.
Taylor & Martin, Inc.
The Koerber Company, PA
Totall Appraisals
Tritech Appraisals, Inc.
United Appraisal Services, Inc
Valcon Partners Ltd
Valuation Research Corp.
Veri-Cost Property Appraisal Services
Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc.