Why should you be a conference sponsor? Sponsorship is a proven way to deliver the greatest marketing impact possible and have your message reach attendees leading up to, during and after conference events. Sponsoring ASA's 2014 International Appraisers Conference provides a great opportunity for you to promote your organization and showcase your products and services to our anticipated 325 attendees. The deadline to sign-up is August 8, 2014. 

Sponsorship Packages at a Glance








Complimentary Registration*







Attendee Bag Insert

Full-Page Insert



Final Program Advertisement

Full-Page Color

Half-Page Color

Quarter-Page Color




Booth Space







(Website, Signage,
Slides, Final Program)

Name & Logo

*Your choice of either the International Appraisers Conference or the Advanced Business Valuation Conference.

All sponsorship packages include a website listing, signage and final program recognition. Additional acknowledgments are noted in the descriptions below.

Platinum Sponsorship Packages: $7,500

Wireless Internet (SOLD)

Sponsor wireless internet which will be accessible to attendees throughout the entire conference area. Sponsor’s logo and website will be linked to the landing page.

Conference Registration Bags

Put your message in the hands of 325 conference attendees and guarantee it’s seen everywhere. These bags will be printed exclusively with your logo alongside the ASA logo and distributed to all attendees.

Gold Sponsorship Packages: $5,000

Attendee Luncheon (2 available - Mon or Tues)

Capture the attention of conference attendees by sponsoring the luncheon. Sponsorship includes literature placement at entrance and tabletop signage.

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception sets the tone! This ‘icebreaker’ provides a forum and venue for attendees to reconnect with colleagues while establishing new friendships and forging new B2B partnerships. Sponsorship includes literature placement at entrance and napkins with sponsor logo.

President’s Networking Reception

This annual event allows attendees a chance to relax and unwind after a jam-packed day of speakers and sessions. Sponsorship also includes literature placement at the entrance of the reception and napkins with sponsor logo.

Hotel Keycards

Put your name and logo in the hands of every conference attendee staying in the official ASA 2013 Conference hotel. The key cards are one of the first things attendees see and the last impression they have of their conference experience. The sponsor’s 2-color logo will be placed on hotel keycards given to conference attendees registered at the hotel.

Silver Sponsorship Packages: $2,500

Continental Breakfast (3 available - Mon, Tues, Wed)

Be the company attendee’s wake up to as they start their day. Sponsorship includes napkins with sponsor logo.

Conference Badge Lanyards

There’s no better way to blanket the conference with your brand. Conference badge lanyards with your company’s name will be distributed to all attendees.

Bronze Sponsorship Packages: $1,500

Refreshment Breaks (5 available)

During the refreshment breaks, registrants gather to grab a snack and share information about the latest business and industry trends. Refreshment breaks capture the attention of prospective clients and partners in a professional setting. Sponsorship includes napkins with sponsor logo.


For additional information or questions, contact Lisa Perry: lisa@meetingcreations.net or (850) 566-0021.