OnDemand Requirements and Policies

Technical Requirements and Recommendations

This course is best viewed from a desktop personal computer or laptop with the latest browser Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. To ensure an optimal online learning experience, please note the following information:

  • Active connection to the internet is required to participate - Broadband: (LAN, Cable or DSL) connection is highly recommended;
  • Stereo sound card, speakers and/or headsets are required for audio when applicable; 
  • The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is required for Windows Operating Systems; and 
  • We do not recommend accessing ASA OnDemand courses via a mobile device. Due to various personal mobile device settings, we cannot guarantee functionality. ASA OnDemand courses are best viewed on a computer desktop or laptop. 
Windows OS
(Adobe Flash Player required)
iOS (Mac) iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air Tablets (Kindle, Galaxy, Nexus, other) Mobile (Phone)
Firefox OK OK
Chrome OK OK Limited Performance
Safari OK Limited Performance

OnDemand Course Policies

  • Technical Requirements

    Due to various operating system set up and browser settings that are unique to each user's computer, we recommend careful review of the platform and browser recommendations above before beginning any OnDemand course. Course specific recommendations are also provided to registrants via email immediately following registration.

  • Course Expiration

    Completion time and expiration are course specific and further detailed within the downloadable student handout materials included with registration, at My ASA Courses. Course expiration varies from 90 days to 12 months, depending on the course.

  • Course Extension

    Students may request an OnDemand course extension for $100 in order to receive an additional 90 days to complete the course. Requests for an extension must be made within 30 days of the course expiration. Only one extension may be granted. Completion time and expiration are course specific and further detailed specifically within the course's downloadable student handout materials

    Contact education@appraisers.org to request an OnDemand course extension.

  • Refunds

    After registering for an OnDemand course students have immediate access to the entire online course and electronic materials. Once the student has accessed the course and/or downloaded any of the the electronic materials, they are no longer eligible for a full course registration refund. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Transfers

    OnDemand course registration may NOT be transferred from one to student to another. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Certification

    Students who complete the entire course (full review and completion of online modules/videos, and if applicable, quiz assessments and/or a Final Exam) prior to the course expiration date will receive access to a downloadable course certificate of completion noting hours earned and a completion date within 2-3 weeks of finishing. If you have completed an OnDemand course and have not yet received notification regarding completion, next steps, or a certificate, contact education@appraisers.org