Hybrid Class Virtual Student FAQs

These frequently asked questions will help virtual registrants understand more about how ASA's NEW Hybrid Virtual Training courses work, and what virtual attendees can expect when participating in a hybrid class where an onsite classroom course is blended with remote participants. Watch a short video on how the virtual student experience works

  • What is a “Hybrid” class?

  • What do I need to participate in a Hybrid Virtual Training Room class?

  • How does a “Hybrid” Virtual Training Room work?

  • How do virtual participants join a Hybrid Virtual Training Room event?

  • What if I am having trouble joining a Hybrid Virtual Training class and/or connecting via my computer/webcam once the class has started?

  • How are virtual students engaged during a Hybrid Virtual Training Room class?

  • Is registration pricing different for a virtual student?

  • Why is there a limited number of virtual seats for hybrid classes?

  • Can I register as a virtual student online?

  • Can I switch my registration from an in-person classroom student to a virtual student or vice versa?

  • How do I access handouts for the course?

  • How is the final exam administered and what is the procedure for virtual students?

  • What if I need my Exam Request Form processed faster than 10 business days or sooner than I anticipated?

  • Who can proctor my final exam?

  • What happens if I fail the exam?