University Partner Program

ASA works with university partners to offer select courses for our disciplines. Registration is handled by each individual university. For a complete listing of courses offered by ASA and ASA university partners, visit ASA’s Course Catalogue and Class Schedule.

The course numbers, discipline headings and titles are as follows:

PG201-000 (Personal Property/ Gems & Jewelry)
Introduction to Personal Property Valuation

PP202-000 (Personal Property)
Development of a Personal Property Appraisal: Research and Analysis

PP203-000 (Personal Property)
Communication of a Personal Property Appraisal: Report Writing

PG204-000 (Personal Property/ Gems & Jewelry)
Personal Property Valuation - The Legal and Regulatory Environment

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Logo Mass Art

ASA is pleased to announce our new affiliation with Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt). MassArt will offer the ASA Personal Property Principles of Valuation courses and students may apply these classes towards certification in personal property appraisal. Courses are open to students pursuing appraisal studies in all areas of valuation. The four sequential foundation courses take students through the various approaches to valuation theory, economic concepts that apply to valuation, basic “appraisal process,” ethical concerns of the appraiser and professional standards.

For more information on the MassArt program, visit their website and/or class listings may be found in ASA’s Course Catalogue and Class Schedule.

Purchase College - State University of New York  

ASA is pleased to partner with SUNY Purchase to offer ASA’s Annual Appraisers’ Summer Camp. This accelerated, intense, two-week education program is designed to give you all the essential valuation skills needed to be an appraiser of personal property. Completion of this rigorous program will satisfy ASA’s education requirements for accreditation making membership in ASA an obvious next step.

For questions or more information, please visit the university's website or contact Kelly Jackson at the university.