Healthcare Valuation, The Financial Appraisal of Enterprises, Assets, and Services

Robert James Cimasi, ASA. Wiley (2014). Two Volume. Hardcopy

This two volume, authoritative text provides a timely and robust treatment of the healthcare valuation process in an era of dynamic healthcare reform. Written by ASA member and healthcare industry thought leader Robert James Cimasi, ASA, Healthcare Valuation includes detailed descriptions of how the specific attributes of each type of enterprise, asset, or service influences the research needs and valuation process required to develop a credible and supportable opinion of value.

Key Features:

  • Explores healthcare industry sectors including: inpatient providers such as general acute care hospitals; specialty and surgical hospitals; long-term acute care hospitals; and community access hospitals, as well as service care hospitals;
  • Features coverage of professional providers including physicians; mid-level providers; technicians/paraprofessionals; and, alternative medicine practitioners;
  • Looks at short-term care facilities such as ambulatory surgical centers; independent diagnostic testing facilities; cancer treatment centers; dialysis facilities; and rural health clinics;
  • Incorporates useful process tools such as due diligence worksheets and checklists, as well as relevant case studies to illustrate practical application of key concepts;
  • Covers long-term care facilities including skilled nursing facilities; assisted living facilities, and home healthcare facilities; and
  • Offers a companion website with comprehensive glossaries and topical bibliographies.

An authoritative work, Healthcare Valuation delivers a thorough and straightforward exploration of the requisite research and analytical processes for the development of valuation conclusions and opinions, as well as in depth guidance related to delivering credible and supportable healthcare valuation reports.

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