Antique and Estate Jewelry for Collectors and Professionals

Jan 07, 2014

Over the last few years, consumer interest in antique and estate jewelry has become a new trend. This may be due to all the TV “road” shows or because it is feel-good jewelry: grandma had the brooch or a great aunt had a watch just like that. It reminds some of their childhood and others of a fond memory. Another new trend is divesting; people over 65 are starting to sell off their assets that the kids might not want or are converting them into cash so they can enjoy life. Regardless of the reason, it has become a force in the jewelry industry. Antique and estate jewelry is a specialty item. Whether you are a consumer seeking to sell or purchase, or a dealer brokering or advising a client, it is important to have a general background of common periods and styles; understand hallmarks, and know something about trademarks and construction, sources for research, factors in determining value, and the importance of working with professionals.

In the article Edward Lewand, ASA, GG, AAA. private independent appraiser at Consultant Appraisal Service, LLC., shares his expertise and insight, and helps explain why its important to meet with a professional independent appraiser, like those accredited by the American Society of Appraisers.

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