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ASA Offers Assistance for Opposition on Proposed IRS Section 2704 Regulations—Outreach to IRS

by Alison Ho | Oct 26, 2016
The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) has been receiving numerous requests for a starting point on a comment letter to the IRS to their proposed Section 2704 regulations. ASA has developed a letter template to provide such a starting point, while allowing you to add your own observations. This template is already formatted and addressed appropriately, meaning all you need to do is add anything you want and submit it to the IRS.

In order to provide your thoughts to the IRS, first download the letter template as a Word document by clicking here. Once you’ve made any additions, follow this link to the comment page for the IRS proposal. You can either cut and paste your comment into the text box, or select “Upload Files” to submit a saved Word or PDF document. After you provide your name and (if desired) contact information, click on “Continue”. You’ll be brought to a confirmation page where you must click on a checkbox acknowledging that your comment is public, and then click “Submit Comment”. With that, your comments will become part of the public record.

If you have questions regarding the letter template or how to file your comments, please contact John D. Russell, JD, Senior Director of Government Relations and Chief Lobbyist for ASA at or 703-733-2103.