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Real Property Appraisers Encouraged to Protect Against Increased Risks

by Alison Ho | Oct 26, 2016
The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) is opening the door to professional review designation status for state certified residential and state certified general real estate appraisers. Such professionals can take the first of two courses (AR201 and AR204) and earn an ARM Review specialty designation in real property while being given a fast and easy path to an ASA real property designation through the Society’s Professional Education Equivalency Certification Program (PEECP). All ASA designated members currently can take ARM201 and ARM201 and obtain a second specialized designation in their discipline. This path is now open.

Every real property appraiser should be aware that Dodd Frank mandated that every bank related appraisal be reviewed under USPAP Standard 3 Rules.

Consider this question: Are you aware of the potential liabilities the appraiser exposes his/herself to in doing an appraisal review? Increased litigation, new legislation, pressure from regulators has created a large demand for "qualified" appraisal reviewers in all specialties. This course provides the necessary training, education and experience on how to conduct effective objective appraisal review.

Accredited Senior Appraisers can take this first of two courses (AR201 and AR204) and earn an ARM specialty designation in their own discipline. Students should bring a current edition of USPAP.
Upcoming classes include:
27 hrs. CE (State approved)

To register or more information visit ASA Online or call (800) 272-8258.