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ASA to Offer Introductory Personal Property Appraisal Courses

by Jennifer Aguilar | Jul 12, 2018

The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) announces the offering of two upcoming introductory personal property appraisal courses: Introduction to Personal Property, to be held Sept. 13-16, 2018 in Boston, MA and Introduction to Appraising Fine Arts, to be held Sept. 15-16, 2018 in Purchase, NY.

PG201 Introduction to Personal Property is the first of four Principles of Valuation (POV) courses offered by ASA that provides individuals wishing to become personal property and gems and jewelry appraisers with an introduction to the profession and to the basic valuation concepts necessary for appraisal practice. Successful completion of this course is the first step toward becoming a designated member of the Society.

Dates for the additional three POV courses have also been released, including:
  • PP202 Development of a Personal Property Appraisal: Research and Analysis to be held Nov. 8-11, 2018
  • PP203 Communication of a Personal Property Appraisal: Report Writing to be held Jan. 24-27, 2019
  • PG204 Personal Property Valuation - The Legal and Regulatory Environment to be held Mar. 28-31, 2019
The upcoming Boston classes are being held in collaboration with ASA’s university partner, Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt). To register or for more information visit MassArt online or contact or (617) 879-7200.

Introduction to Appraising Fine Arts explores how professional personal property appraisers approach their work when forming an opinion of an object’s value, including documenting works of art, understanding the characteristics that drive value, and explaining the methodologies that an appraiser uses in diverse contexts. Topics covered include the tools that appraisers employ when inspecting and identifying fine art objects, how condition can be viewed in diverse situations, and to what extent museums, collectors, galleries and auction houses have a role in influencing the art market and how that affects value. The course provides best-practice guidelines for pursuing and expanding research avenues and provides vivid, real-world examples and in-depth observations from a seasoned Fine Arts and Fine Arts Photography specialist.

The upcoming Purchase, NY class is being held in collaboration with ASA’s university partner, Purchase College (SUNY). To register or for more information visit Purchase College (SUNY) online or contact or (914) 251-6500.

For more information about the courses, or becoming a designated personal property appraiser, visit ASA online or contact or (800) 272-8258.