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Jack Beckwith, ASA



Contact Information:
209 Whitworth Rd
Boerne, TX 78006
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1 (830) 981-8107

Appraiser Profile:

Jack Beckwith’s area of expertise is primarily machinery and equipment/personal property. However, he has valued buildings and improvements for insurance purposes.  In addition to his valuation experience, Mr. Beckwith has been an expert witness in the United States Bankruptcy Court and in various counties for personal property ad valorem tax litigation.  These research assignments since 1998 include Personal Property and Inventory appraisals in such industries as construction, retail, aviation, food service, health care, light gauge fabrication, wafer fabrication, printing, confectionery production, refueling stations and paper mill.


Mr. Beckwith’s career began in 1976 distributing new and refurbished machinery and equipment in the healthcare industry. As a re-marketer, he owned and operated Mission Medical with locations in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Monterrey, Mexico.


During the early 90’s, managed medicine entered the Health Care Industry and demands increased for services in valuation of specialized equipment.  It was at this time, Mr. Beckwith became aware of the importance of the appraisal methodology and the compliance issues associated with this profession.  His article “What is Value?” was published in 1999 for San Antonio Medicine.  In 1996, he sold Mission Medical and entered the appraisal field full time and received his Accredited Senior Appraiser designation (ASA). 

Though he is based in Texas, Mr. Beckwith has performed and supervised valuations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.  He has been published for various valuation topics in The M&TS Journal and the ASA Professional.