ASA Chapters: Region 3

To find a chapter near you, see the Region 3 Chapter list below.

 Region 3 - Middle United States and Eastern Canada Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5

Memphis BranchTNUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Alabama ChapterALUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
ASA-NAIFA Birmingham AL ChapterALUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
ASA-NAIFA Middle TN ChapterTNUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Baton Rouge ChapterLAUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Columbus ChapterOHUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Dallas/Fort Worth ChapterTXUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Dayton/Cincinnati ChapterOHUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Detroit ChapterMIUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Harold S. Clark Sr./New OrleansLAUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Houston ChapterTXUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Knoxville ChapterTNUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Middle Tennessee - Nashville ChapterTNUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
San Antonio ChapterTXUnited StatesWebsiteOfficers
Toronto Chapter CanadaWebsiteOfficers