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Important Message from ASA Board of Governors

Jul 20, 2020

As we look forward to ASA’s new 2020-2021 fiscal year, we would like to share with you some of the implementations we have made in an effort to improve your membership value.


We have recently adopted a new governance model which will allow the Board of Governors to be more efficient and effective. As part of this process, we reviewed items such as the value added by reducing the size of The Board and modifying the executive officer terms. What we realized is, that it is more important to get our governance model correct and solidly in place before we adjust the size of the board. We also questioned whether the lack of discipline representation would be an added value to our members.

Our board worked diligently to develop and institute a new Diversity and Inclusion Policy which will formalize our commitment to encourage a more diverse and inclusive membership.

We continually look for opportunities to grow the valuation profession by collaborating with our allies and working together towards achieving this goal. Our efforts to establish strategic partnerships with other valuation professionals worldwide has been very successful as we now offer both education and reciprocal memberships, providing significant advantages to our members both domestically and internationally. We have been working towards broadening our current membership numbers by creating new levels of membership and adopting changes to our existing levels to invest in our future.

Needless to say, Covid-19 has required us to make changes that we never could have envisioned. Our headquarters staff and CEO have quickly pivoted to provide our members state of the art education and webinars online. This has helped to increase the number of students both domestically and abroad to improve the breadth of offerings we have for both our members and our profession. This has also provided for a larger more collaborative advocacy response and additional support resources for members. We are excited that our annual conference will, for the first time ever, be a virtual event. This will encourage our global members to be able to attend for the first time. Rest assured our capable staff, conference committee, planners and CEO are all working hard to make sure the conference is both educational and value driven. The pandemic has also enabled us to realize a significant cost savings by offering different meeting programs and showing us how effective the on-line meeting platform can be.

Over the past two years, we have worked to improve our election process by instituting an independent, external vendor to electronically run, tabulate and verify initial election results. This allows for greater election security and eliminates any perceived involvement of ASA staff, officers or members. We are continually improving our drive towards greater financial stability and enhanced communication with our members.

Looking Forward

ASA’s newly adopted governance model will enable both headquarters and our discipline committees to overhaul and update our current education offerings. Our aspiration is to be at the pinnacle of our profession in both face to face and virtual education. It will enable staff to overhaul and update both our conference and seminar offerings to become more of a hybrid model, something considered to be more appealing in the marketplace. Finally, it will ensure that membership offerings will be perceived as valuable in the market and appealing to our members, potential members and peer organizations in an effort to partner with them in the profession.

The governance model allows the CEO greater flexibility to manage the organization from an operational standpoint, and to handle membership requests, issues and benefits quicker and more efficiently. It enables our experienced professional the ability to develop the strategic plan that best meets our member’s needs and expectations. It will allow our Board to deliberate more strategically, focusing on an outward vision rather than an internal preoccupation. It will encourage diverse viewpoints, strategic leadership as opposed to administrative detail, collective rather than individual decisions, inclusivity rather than exclusivity, proactive thinking rather than reactive and finally, the board will focus on the future rather than the past or even the present. As a result, the Society and our members will receive the benefits they desire thus increasing their value in the marketplace.

As you can tell, we have been hard at work making a better Society for our members and our future. However, we can’t do this alone. Our Society benefits when every member gets involved. We highly encourage you to get yourself involved to continue to improve our future. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Society. We would also encourage those members who have an interest in leadership, to be a candidate for a chapter officer or an international committee. Your unique experiences and talent are always welcome at any level of leadership role you desire. We rely on our youth to bring us forward into a bright and successful future.

As always, we thank you all for your past support. Together our efforts will continue to promote ASA’s mission of “providing value worldwide.”


ASA Board of Governors