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CALLING ALL MEMBERS!! Let's KICK OFF our ASA Annual International Conference with an auction!

Aug 13, 2020

The auction raises funds for ASA’s Educational Foundation to give course-taking grants to up and coming young appraisers which benefits our future membership, and much more. We appreciate each member's contributions, and all donors receive recognition.

Unlike any auction before, this year’s offering will be completely virtual, promising a fresh and innovative experience. Have fun bidding from the comfort of your own home while supporting a good cause at the same time. Don’t miss this future-changing experience.

WE LOOK TO YOU TO DONATE ITEMS ($100 minimum value), such as the following:
  • WINES – are popular and so representative of any region.
  • REGIONAL ITEMS – books (on historical places/music), snacks, even rum fruit cakes apply.
  • APPRAISAL TEXT BOOKS – Go Paperless - donate duplicates.
  • JEWELRY/ WATCHES – an odyssey in craftsmanship or antique classic time-piece.
  • WORKS OF ART – carvings, prints, paintings, and photographs.
  • WEEK STAY – you can deduct it for your vacation home, time share, or vacation club.
  • GOLF FOR A TWOSOME – at your favorite course.
  • DONATE A COURSE – Your name, firm or chapter will appear on a poster board showing all donor's and amounts given! View sample poster..
  • Download the Donation Form.
  • To submit an object, complete and email the Donation Form to Carol Akers Klug at Include the Description, Retail Price, and a high resolution Photo to be uploaded to the auction site to give you full credit. A tax letter for the Retail Price (FMV) of your contribution will be provided.
  • All forms must be submitted by Wednesday, August 26, 2020.
You will ship your items directly to the winner at the close of the auction. Please do not send auctions items directly to ASA headquarters.
ASA Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) enabling tax deductible CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS for individuals.