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Attracting New Customers Through New Services

Nov 29, 2021

When it comes to advancing a career or practice, expanding one's customer base is typically at the top of every appraisers mind. A busy appraiser is a happy and successful appraiser. So how can appraisers attract new customers? Offer new services!

Discover more in this practical article by Carrie Stemke published by accountingweb. Leverage the insight given by Michael Ly, CEO of Reconciled, to accounting professionals by taking the advice given and applying it to your own personal situation.

Review the article here.

*How to offer new services? Add a specialty…After reviewing the four-step plan and mapping out your next moves, consider how ASA can help support you.

ASA offers many options, including mentoring programscareer resources, and specialty education courses and credentialing programs, including: 


Specialty Education Courses: 

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