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Fair Value Measurement Handbook – IFRS Standards and US GAAP

Jan 03, 2022

Inspect the latest advisory guide published by KPMG to applying fair value measurement requirements under both IFRS® Standards and US GAAP. 

The principles of IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement and ASC Topic 820 Fair Value Measurement have been tested by COVID-19, but they remain steadfast. Preparers have been able to apply the principles to their unique circumstances and estimate fair value in an unpredictable and stressed environment. Nevertheless, there are some potential changes on the horizon. 

Valuation practices continue to evolve, partly as a result of standard setting activities and partly because of the increasing attention being paid to how climate-related risks (and opportunities) and reference rate (IBOR) reform affect the components of a valuation – e.g. cash flow projections and discount rates. 

Gain a complete understanding on how to apply the principles of IFRS 13 and Topic 820 and the key differences between them. 

Read the complete guide here

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