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ASA Launches 2020-2021 Member-Get-A-Member Challenge!

Oct 30, 2020

ASA is excited to launch the second year of the Member-Get-A-Member Challenge (MGAM) through our local chapters. As an active ASA member and chapter officer, you understand first-hand the value ASA membership provides to your profession. There is no better advocate for ASA membership than YOU and your fellow chapter members. By referring new members, you will help strengthen ASA and the appraisal profession by increasing recognition of profession standards and enhancing educational opportunities. This challenge also empowers the local chapters to serve as ambassadors for ASA while increasing member engagement.

The chapter with the most referrals will receive the Outstanding Chapter Membership Referral Award to recognize the chapter with the most referred members during the challenge at the 2021 ASA International Conference. The most successful chapter will be recognized for achieving excellence in membership referral during the ASA Annual Awards Ceremony.

Participating is easy. After establishing a connection with a potential member, simply contact Sarah Sebastian at ASA Headquarters at and she’ll follow up with your contact directly. Each chapter will receive periodic updates on the status of their referral count. ASA is proud to have you as our representatives in this exciting challenge.


  • The MGAM Challenge is open to all regional chapters in good standing.
  • The MGAM Challenge is open from 11/01/2020 through 10/01/2021.
  • Only one chapter may receive credit for a new member.
  • An individual must be accepted as a candidate before the closing period of the challenge.
  • The winner will be determined by taking the percent growth of the chapter from the referrals over the span of the challenge.
  • ASA will periodically notify chapters on their referral count during the open period. After the closing period, the percent growth of the chapter will be determined. Chapters will be promptly notified of the results after the final tally of new members.


Questions about the MGAM Challenge may be directed to Justin Kane, ASA’s Chapter and Government Relations Specialist at