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Report Requirement Changed for Business Valuation AM Candidates

Feb 26, 2021

ASA’s Business Valuation Discipline Committee voted yesterday to change the credentialing requirement for candidates seeking the discipline’s Accredited Member (AM) designation.

Effective immediately, the requirements for the AM designation will no longer require the submission of an appraisal report.

Business Valuation Discipline Committee Chair, Ken Pia, explained the rationale driving this change saying, “The business valuation space is constantly evolving. Looking forward, we are seeing a growing number of professionals performing valuation analysis for corporations who do not communicate their conclusions via traditional appraisal reports, but still need and desire advanced education, credentialing and membership programs offered by professional organizations like ASA. The changes that have been made seek to meet these needs of this new and emerging market. We are looking for creative ways to increase membership of the ASA with these types of qualified professionals without lessening the value of the Accredited Senior Appraiser designation in any way."

Johnnie White, ASA CEO, echoed these thoughts by adding, “I’ve talked to a number of such professionals at our past Fair Value Conferences, and the common response has been, ‘I value ASA’s education and would like to join, but your requirements fall outside my scope of employment.’

White also provided a unique and creative illustration as to the new direction for the Society’s AM credential for business valuers, by describing the AM credential as similar to earning a master’s degree, while the ASA credential as similar to earning a doctorate degree.

For more information about the new requirement for AM candidates, contact an ASA BV credentialing specialist at or (800) 272-8258.