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Demand for Qualified Business Valuation Experts Continues

Jul 02, 2021

ASA recently updated its Accredited Member (AM) designation program to meet continued market demand for qualified business valuation experts.

ASA Business valuations experts are involved in the valuation of businesses, securities, intangible assets and a wide variety of other assets and liabilities for a wide range of purposes including: opinions for the board; financial reporting; tax; litigation; succession planning; mergers & acquisitions; buy/sell agreements; shareholder & partnership buyouts/disputes; marital dissolution (divorce); insurance purposes; and employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

Employers or clients who hire business valuers who have earned the AM designation know they have hired an educated and qualified appraiser with the highest levels of ethical and professional standards.

Experts who hold the AM credential stand apart from others. Earning the AM designation is tough and like a Master's Degree for valuers. Completion of its requirements demonstrates competence and expertise, as well as testifies to a commitment to the highest standards and ethics. It also requires continued professional development and reaccreditation. Holders are connected to a preeminent network of fellow member experts. All of which is backed by the oldest and most globally recognized organization representing all appraisal specialists – ASA.

Special equivalency pathways available for ABVs, CBVs & CFAs.

Download ASA's Join Sheet and Credential Pathway at:

For more information about earning an AM designation with a specialty in business valuation from ASA, visit or call (800) 272-8258.