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Always Require an ASA Business Valuation Professional

Valuing a business requires more than number crunching, it takes knowledge of finance as it applies to business, a detailed understanding of tax code law and insight into operational nuances of a wide variety of different industries.  In addition, business valuators are often called to testify in court, representing their opinions under the cross examination of opposing counsel.

In recent years the business valuation profession has become cluttered with designations that can often be confusing, but one thing is universally accepted, the Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designation requires a commitment to excellence that sets it apart from all the rest.  

The ASA designation provides peace of mind that the business valuator being hired has completed stringent criteria in education, experience and professional standards.

  • 108 hours of rigorous instruction
  • 4 half-day exams
  • Completion of USPAP coursework and testing
  • Valuation report submitted to peer review
  • 10,000 hours of fulltime Business Valuation experience
  • Professional and personal references checked
  • Personal interview
  • Credit & background check
  • On-going professional growth required
  • Adherence to a strict Code of Ethics

To complete these criteria, means the achievement of preeminent status in the business valuation profession.  

The choice is easy; when hiring an ASA you can be assured that you are hiring the best.

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Why Hire an ASA?

When it comes to valuing a business there is no room for error.  Often lives are impacted by the outcome of a business valuation.  Retirement may be postponed, the sale of a business can hinge on the outcome and employees may be waiting to hear if they will have jobs tomorrow.  The American Society of Appraisers understands the seriousness of the profession and they have never wavered from their commitment of requiring excellence.

Education, integrity, credibility and experience all factor into the Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designation.  You can rest assured that the ASA designation after the name of a business valuator means they have been held to the highest standard in the profession.

Ways a Business Valuator Can Help:

  • Gifting and Estate Taxation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Buying/Selling a Business
  • Intangible Valuation
  • Divestitures and Recapitalizations
  • Litigation & Divorce Matters
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Exit Strategies/Retirement
  • Court-Appointed Receives