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ASA and Shanghai BETTER Institute of Gemology to Offer Gems & Jewelry Appraisal Training in China

May 06, 2016

American Society of Appraisers is pleased to announce its collaboration with Shanghai BETTER Institute of Gemology to offer appraisal training for gems and jewelry professionals in Shanghai, China. This collaboration with Shanghai BETTER Institute of Gemology is part of the continuing efforts by ASA to expand overseas and provide the highest level of ethical, educational and professional appraisal training worldwide.

The booming economic growth in China has contributed to the rapidly growing consumer market for gems and jewelry. Shanghai is the commercial and financial center of mainland China, which makes it the ideal location as the region’s core trading hub. Demand for educated and trained appraisal professionals is expected to increase due to China’s expanding consumer market for gems and jewelry and worldwide standing as a leading manufacturer of jewelry.

"With the Chinese Gem and Jewelry market expanding so quickly, we definitely have to provide more Appraisal Professionals to the trade. The U.S. Appraisal Practice has a profound influence on the Chinese Appraisal industry, and ASA has a long history and the most prestigious reputation in the Appraisal field. We are so honored to work with ASA and bring the most professional Appraisal Courses to China," said Leah WAN, President of Shanghai BETTER Institute of Gemology.

“ASA looks forward with great anticipation to working with Shanghai BETTER Institute of Gemology to offer the Society’s International Gems and Jewelry Appraisal Development and Report Writing course exclusively in Shanghai later this year. As the respected leader in appraisal education we are honored to be presenting our course,” said ASA’s Gems & Jewelry Discipline Chair, Theresa Brossmer, ASA, MGA, ARM-GJ.

The GJ216 – Advanced Gemological Appraisal Course will be taught in Shanghai, China at the Shanghai BETTER Institute of Gemology over the course of 10 days from September 19-30, 2016 and includes 80 hours of training in valuation theory, appraisal development and report writing, and gems and jewelry descriptive guidelines provided by Ms. Brossmer and Mary B. Reich, ASA, MGA. Completion of this class fulfills the international requirement for principles of valuation training for ASA accreditation in Gems and Jewelry.