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Important Notice: The Revised ASA Valuing Machinery and Equipment, 4th Edition is Out!

Jul 06, 2020

If you ordered the combo set of ASA Valuing Machinery and Equipment: 4th Edition, print production is complete and you should be receiving (or likely already received) a ship notification from our printer about your hardbound printed edition. We sincerely apologize for the delay.

As we were preparing the final print edition, some errors were discovered. In Chapter 11 (Leasing), the examples on pages 283 to 285 had incorrect information.

While we were fixing that, we also fixed some minor issues, such as text spacing and punctuation, and made other minor adjustments, such as tweaking the "Definitions of condition" in Chapter 3 so that they exactly matched what was listed in the Glossary.

The updated June 2020 PDF of the book that contains these corrections has been emailed to anyone who has purchased the book already, and you should delete the previous version of the PDF. If you haven't received a link to download the updated June 2020 PDF of the book, please contact ASA Customer Support at

In Chapter 5 (Income Approach), a formula was listed incorrectly. This error is corrected in the updated June 2020 PDF of the book, but it was too late to correct it in the hardbound print edition. If you ordered the hardbound print edition, you should have received a PDF with information on the error in Chapter 5 and a corrected page 117 that you can print if desired.

Please send any feedback, comments, or suggestions to the ASA Machinery & Technical Specialties Committee’s Book Subcommittee at