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ASA Discusses Important Valuation Issues at Leading Aircraft Conference Hosted by CJI

Nov 02, 2021

ASA participated in a panel discussion today at the Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2021 hybrid event.

The topic explored was “Valuing the Valuers” and spotlighted the key questions of:

  • How can appraisers keep up when transaction numbers fall?
  • Should brokers and service providers offer appraisals?

The discussion was moderated by ASA CEO, Johnnie White and featured following experts:

“Participation in events like this, testifies to ASA’s commitment to this highly advanced and specialized asset class”, said ASA CEO, Johnnie White.

ASA International President, David Crick, added by saying “ASA’s Aircraft Valuation educational/credentialing program and designated members in this specialty are the preeminent in the profession.”

For information about the Society’s Aircraft Valuation Program, including upcoming classes, how to choose an aircraft appraiser and hiring a member expert, visit