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New Policy Governance and Diversity/Inclusion Policy Update

by Todd Paradis | Feb 02, 2020
International President, Douglas R. Krieser, ASA, provided an important update on the Society’s new policy governance and diversity/inclusion policy in a recent communication to members. Below is an excerpt from the e-mail sent on Thursday, January 30, 2020.

Dear Members,

I wanted to provide a brief update on two very important topics: Policy Governance and the Diversity/Inclusion Policy. Exciting progress is being made thanks to the efforts of many. Please see below for the latest news, including an important related reminder to share your insight in our Member Needs Survey and next steps to our Call for Volunteers invitation.

Policy Governance

As you may know from my previous communications, the Board of Governors has been working very hard on developing new policies which will form the basis for ASA’s new Governance Model. There are four main sections:

  1. Ends: Long-term positive impact on members' value and success.
  2. Executive Limitations: Setting boundaries for what the CEO can do and is responsible for.
  3. Governance Policy: How the Board does their job.
  4. Board Management Delegation: How the Board delegates power to the CEO and how the CEO will be accountable by the Board.
Each section was developed over the past several months by an individual task force. The next steps will be to combine the sections into a new Policy Manual and have the Board conduct a final review by the end of February.

This has been a lot of work for your Discipline and Regional Governors. They have committed much time and effort into setting this baseline, so that moving forward the Society will be more beneficial and rewarding for you the Stakeholders. Please make sure to thank them for their behind the scenes efforts!

Membership Needs Survey

Along these lines, you should have received a link to a membership needs survey. If you have not, please e-mail Sarah Sabastian at and she will provide you with a link. This survey is a huge part in assuring we are providing you the benefits you want and in the manner/format you need.

Call for Volunteers

In addition, I would like to thank all of you who responded to our recent e-mail asking for your interest in volunteering for various positions and duties. Your names have been sent to the appropriate people and you should expect to be contacted shortly.


ASA’s new Diversity and Inclusion Policy is coming soon. The Diversity & Inclusion Task Force has recently provided a draft policy to the Board for review. This is an excellent document and will set a great foundation for implementation. The task force is not done, however. They will next be working on how to effectively implement the policy and also, on a larger scale, investigate how to make ASA and the appraisal profession as a whole, more diverse and inclusive.

Please join me in thanking the members of this task force: John Mathe (Chair), Suzette Clingerman, Josette Ferrer, Adrian Gonzales, Julie Kerlin, Lucien Laverdure, Gennice Lee, Tom Simatos, Tara Singh and Thom Underwood.

As you can see, the Board, Leadership, our CEO Johnnie, our great staff and our volunteers have been very busy with identifying and developing ways to better serve you.


Douglas R. Krieser, ASA
International President