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ASA 2021-2022 Election Results

by Jennifer Aguilar | Jun 02, 2021

We are pleased to announce the results of ASA's 2021-22 elections for the new International Officers, Region Governors, Discipline Committee Officers, Discipline Governors and Members-At-Large. Those elected will officially take office on July 1, 2021.
This prestigious group of professionals has consistently demonstrated their support and dedication to the mission of ASA and our members. We commend these individuals and appreciate their service. We wish them all the best in their new positions.

International Officers
International President – David Crick, ASA                         
International Vice President – Richard Berkemeier, ASA, ARM-MTS                                        
International Secretary/Treasurer –  Garrett Schwartz, ASA

Region 2 Governor
Sandra J. Tropper, FASA

Region 4 Governor
Theresa Zeidler-Shonat, ASA

Region 5 Governor
Jeffrey S. Tarbell, ASA

BV Discipline Committee Officers
Chair: Erin Hollis, ASA
Vice Chair: Ronald L. Seigneur, ASA
Treasurer: Arlene L. Ashcraft, ASA
Secretary: Laurie-Leigh White, ASA, CEIV™, IA

Elizabeth D. Bowersox, ASA
Rebecca S. Nelson, ASA
Matthew R. Crow, ASA
Ryan A. Gandre, ASA, CEIV™
Todd S. Larson, ASA
GJ Discipline Committee Officers
Chair: Warren H. Morss, ASA
Vice Chair/Secretary: Gina D'Onofrio, ASA, MGA
Treasurer: Mary B. Reich, GG (GIA), FGA, ASA-MGA, ARM-GJ

Amanda H. McGhee, ASA, MGA
Mark J. Sandler, ASA, MGA
MTS Discipline Committee Officers
Chair: William M. Engel, ASA
Vice Chair: Jamie Allen, ASA
Treasurer: Ryan Kinahan, ASA
Secretary: Timothy Roy, ASA

Dennis A. Bolton II, ASA
Achin K. Chugh, ASA
Suzette B. Clingerman, ASA
Nollaig Daly, AM
Ran Greenberg, ASA
Brad Hartsburg, ASA
Shane Miller, ASA
Fernando Sosa, ASA
PP Discipline Committee Officers
Chair: John V. Henley, ASA
Vice Chair: Peter Held, ASA
Treasurer: Abigail Athanasopoulos, ASA
Secretary: Soodie Beasley, ASA

Louise B. Allrich, ASA
Darcy N. Tell, AM
RP-NAIFA Discipline Committee Officers
Chair: Margaret C. Orman, IFA
Vice Chair: Mike Pratt, ASA, IFA
Secretary/Treasurer: Mark R. Evans, ASA, IFAS

Robert J. Luciani, ASA, IFA
Lisa M. Meinczinger, ASA
William J. Pastuszek Jr., ASA
Robert A. Solotist, ASA, IFA