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Appraiser + Biggest Art Theft in US History

by Jessica Wilhelmy | Jan 03, 2022

Like a scene straight out of a blockbuster Hollywood movie, a retired appraiser spoke for the first time about his possible connection to the biggest art heist in U.S. history. 

Read more about this exciting tale in a breaking article by Shelley Murphy published in the Boston Herald, including: 

  • A background on how the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in Boston was raided on March 18, 1990 by two thieves dressed as policemen who walked in and left with $500 million in art works; 

  • How the art has never been found and that no arrests have ever been made; 

  • What happened when the appraiser was contacted and was presented an eagle ornament known as a finial, a decorative top of a flagpole from Napoleon’s First Regiment of Imperial Guard 

  • And why after three decades, the appraiser is speaking publicly for the first time 

Read the complete article here. 

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