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Asia Rising: What’s Behind the Region’s Art-Market Ascendance—And What it Means for the Future

by Jessica Wilhelmy | Jan 03, 2022

Review Artnet News and Morgan Stanley’s collaborative report on how Asia has emerged as a powerful engine in the art market’s recovery. 

The report is divided into two parts with the first focusing on key data and the second focusing on the landscape. 

Part one will illustrate how the market has grown, which regions are leading the way, and how tastes have changed dramatically over time, using data from the Artnet Price Database and Artnet Analytics. 

Part two will then look at various sectors of the art scene beyond auctions to see how the multivalent scenes in Hong Kong and Mainland China, South Korea, and Taiwan have taken shape—and where they might be heading in the future. 

Read the complete report here

After reading consider how the business strategies and trends taking shape in Asia right now are likely to impact the global art world and market, as well as independent appraisers. 

Disclaimer: The views, opinions or examples included in linked article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect an official policy or position of ASA or its members.