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Call for Articles

Our membership has a long history of having specialized experiences in a diverse range of properties and practice areas. From land valuation to the appraisal of special purpose properties, our members are involved in some of the most sophisticated and challenging valuation environments occurring today.

The American Society of Appraisers’ Real Property Committee has replaced the former Real Property Newsletter with a new Real Property E-Journal. The purpose of the Real Property E-Journal is to serve as a tool for providing our members’ insights and experiences from which all may learn.

We are calling for articles that cover the professional practice of valuation as well as specific valuation concepts and methodology. The following list includes potential contemporary challenges facing our industry:

  • Marketing your appraisal services
  • Diversifying appraisal skills
  • Workfile retention methods
  • Moving from appraisal to consulting
  • Developing appraisal review
  • Hotel and motel valuation
  • Mass appraisal
  • Property tax appeal
  • Mortgage fraud
  • The UAD
  • The relocation appraisal
  • Residential valuation in distressed markets
  • Foreclosure and short sales
  • Estimating exposure in market value appraisal assignments
  • Consideration of sales concessions in residential assignments
  • How to apply paired sales analysis
  • Confirming and verifying market data
  • Developing effective age estimates
  • Recognizing and measuring obsolescence
  • Valuation of mineral properties
  • Mini-storage facilities
  • Special purpose properties
  • Developing capitalization rates
  • Valuation of “green” homes and buildings
  • Developing a litigation practice
  • Becoming an expert witness
  • Or any other topic that you believe is worthy

Submittal Requirements

Each article submitted needs to be provided as follows:

  • Electronic form using Microsoft Word and within 8 ½ by 11 inch paper with page numbers on each sheet.
  • Email article submissions to Article submissions must be titled in the subject line as “ASA RPC e-Journal Article Submission”.
  • Include a cover letter with the author’s name, complete mailing address, telephone and email contacts, and fax number (if available).
  • Biography of author with present employment, title(s), designations, and availability for follow-up contact.
  • Article – The article must be between 750 to 1,500 words. If the author believes the article needs to be longer, then it should communicate that intent and submit the article in parts for subsequent publishing.
  • Use Arial font; sized 12 character and full justification.
  • The article must contain an overview paragraph of 2-3 sentences, an introduction and a conclusion paragraph.
  • The body of the article must be categorized by relevant subject matter headers.
  • Sources referenced must be cited using proper endnotes.
  • All articles must be the author’s original work, and must not include any assignment-specific confidential information, unless authorization for release of the information is simultaneously provided with the article.